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Coach Initiation in Sport

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)

Coach Initiation in Sport is an online National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) module developed to introduce new coaches to the foundational skills in coaching, such as: long-term athlete development, ethics, coaching motivation, and athlete safety and wellness. The Coach Initiation in Sport module will also introduce coaches to the NCCP, a valuable tool for preparing for a coach's first in-person NCCP workshop.

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Social Media 101 for Coaches

social media

Many coaches view social media as an unwelcome distraction, but is it possible to use social media to help your coaching career? Absolutely! With a little planning and thought, social media can become another tool in your coaching arsenal. Find out how to avoid social media pitfalls and harness social media's power to help you improve team chemistry, interact with other coaches, athletes and more.

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Coach of the Month

Christine Rewniak

Congrats to Christine Rewniak, October's Coach of the Month in Partnership with Global News. Christine is a volleyball coach for the St. Mary's Flames. Watch her coaching journey and how she's having fun with her team, despite the expectations she has defending back-to-back titles as champions.

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5 Tips to Shovel Snow Smarter & Safer!

safe shovelling

"Winnipeg" and "winter" are almost synonymous, so let's be honest – it's Manitoba, the snow is here to stay and more will inevitably be on its way. Dr. Cembroski of the Sport Medicine Clinic says that generally after a big snowfall hits, he will see lower back sprains and strains, and a lot of disc herniations. He usually sees upwards of a half-dozen people solely due to shovelling injuries on days following big snowfalls. Read what you can do to prevent this from happening to you.

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Sport Medicine Clinic

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Sport Medicine Clinic
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