Canada Games Sport for Life Fitness Centre opening to the public…
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Sport for Life
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Sport for Life Centre: Grand Opening of the Fitness Centre! Intro Offer - sugn up now for a yearly membership, enjoy free access until September 1, 2017!...

Fitness Memberships - Now on Sale!

It's an exciting time at the Canada Games Sport for Life Centre on Pacific Avenue. Our building will open next month featuring a top floor Fitness Centre open to the public. For those that live or work nearby we are offering several different Fitness Centre membership options. Don't miss our fantastic intro offer - when you sign up now for a yearly membership you get 100 complimentary classes and FREE ACCESS until September 1, 2017!

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sport injury

Sport Injury - Healing the Mind

Most athletes experience injury in their sport at some time. Practitioners who can help heal the physical symptoms of the injury are accessible, but dealing with the physical side of injury is only half the battle. Explore the kinds of things injured athletes feel and how can we as teammates, coaches, parents and friends aid the recovery process? Read on for tips to help heal the mind of injured athletes and aid in their return to sport.

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running pain

Pain-Free Running

If you have stopped running because of pain, it's time to figure out why. When you increase training intensity in preparing for an upcoming race or to shed some weight, it is important to gradually increase your mileage and frequency to prevent injury. The professionals at our Sport Medicine Clinic are experts at assessing running pain and injury. Find out where your pain might be coming from and how it can be fixed.

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Predictive Genetic Testing

Predictive Genetic Testing

Predictive genetic testing is a trending scientific advancement that could assist coaches and supporting sport science staff in the development of training plans and goals for their athletes. Could it also help identify if an athlete is at higher risk for injury? Learning more about an athlete's genetic map could optimize an athlete's ability to achieve more by understanding how they may respond to specific training and nutrition interventions.

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Sport Medicine Centre

Quick access: call 204-809-8553, or visit 2nd Floor, 145 Pacific Ave. Winnipeg

Sport Medicine Centre
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